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A program for busy women who want to take care of themselves from the inside out so they can feel great in their body and successful in life.

Hey pretty mama, I see you! 

You are constantly running around from one thing to the next.

You are doing all the things in all of the different roles you play in your life.  You are the busy mama, the productive career woman, the helpful girlfriend, the carpool driver, the child psychologist and doctor, the short order cook and the coordinator of your household all in one day.  

You are do so many great things that your plate is full.   In fact , it may be overfull.

It’s so full that you barely have room for yourself.  You are the constant giver. You give your time and energy and love and patience so much that when it comes time to giving yourself something, there isn’t much left.  

 You know you need to take better care of yourself.

You know you need to take better care of yourself but you’re not sure how to make it happen in your busy life.  

You wish you had more energy to enjoy your amazing life.  

You want to feel good in your body so you can be more confident, less stressed and happier.  

You are ready to take care of yourself so you can feel your best and be more successful in your life.  


I feel you.

    I feel you.

    You want to feel amazing in your body.

    You want to have energy to do all the things you have on your plate.

    You want to put on your clothes and smile at yourself in the mirror.

    You want to be a healthy role model to your kids and family so you don’t feel like a hypocrite.

    You want to feel free from any more diets that put you on an emotional rollercoaster.

    You want to feel confident and like yourself again so you can be the best friend, wife, mom, person you can be!

    The truth is: taking care of yourself isn’t always easy.   But it doesn’t have to be impossible! In fact, there is a way to feel good in your body, live happier and more confidently without sacrificing your sanity.   

    Imagine when..

     You wake up and feel excited for the day!  You have time to do something that feels good to you and your body. You feel confident that you are spending your time and energy in a way that is moving you forward!

    You feel like you have energy to take care of yourself and not feel too tired or guilty for it.  

    Your everyday routine includes delicious,  healthy foods, exercise that feels good and self love.  You are more present, less stressed and happier around your family and coworkers.   

    You are happy when you look in the mirror.  You feel good in your clothes whether you are running a meeting, taking a girls trip or cheering on your soccer player at their big game!  You know when you feel good about yourself you are able to give more of yourself.

    You are a role model for your kids.   You are prepared and organized when it comes to dinner because you are happy with what you are feeding your family and eating yourself.  

    You are more present, less stressed and happier with yourself and your life because you are taking such great care of yourself.


    You’re ready to make it happen!

    If you felt yourself nodding yes to any of this, then you’ve come to the right place.

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    Meet Ali

    Your loving teacher and guide, here to lead you down your Kijia, your path, to feel amazing from the inside out.  

    Hi I’m Ali and I am so grateful you are here!

    I know you are busy and I get it!!   It’s not easy balancing life and kids and work.

    When I am not teaching and supporting successful women, teaching fitness classes or working on my next presentation, I am running around with my three daughters and my husband. I love traveling, hosting family and friends and dancing around the kitchen with my girls while we get ready in the mornings.

    A few years ago I was in a completely different place than where I am today–  

    I was trying diet after diet with a few detoxes and cleanses thrown in the mix in an effort to change my body.  Of course, like any normal human, I couldn’t stick with the restrictive diets for long. So I was left, feeling like a failure, frustrated and exhausted.  

    I was feeling the chaos of life take over with little kids and work.

    I was hiding my struggle with poor body image, late night snacking, overwhelmed and stressed.  

    I was feeling disorganized, defeated and flat  – not like myself.

    I was exhausted from the roller coaster and I knew there had to be a better way.

    A few years ago after a particularly bad detox that I was attempting to do (you know the kind that make you give up everything you love, like coffee and wine and entire food groups), left me gagging down gross smoothies and supplements that weren’t food, I found out I was pregnant with our third baby.  

    Right then I made a promise to myself and every woman in the world, that I would find a better way.  I say now, that with our third daughter, this amazing transformation process, Kijia was also born.

    If you can't tell, I am obsessed with helping you to take care of yourself...

    …mostly because I know how good it feels to be happy with yourself, after such a long time of not.

    After spending years cooking healthy meals for families, personal training one-on-one and coaching busy women, I have learned that you don’t need more willpower, more diets, more hours in the gym or even more motivation, you need habits and routines that fit your life.  

    You need to focus on feeling good from the inside out, not the other way around.  

    When you create habits that allow you to take care of yourself, you are able to feel good and when you feel good, you radiate love and happiness.   

    That is exactly what I teach the women I work with, so you can feel confident in taking care of yourself in a way that makes your body and mind feel great. 

    The thing you may or may not realize is that changing your diet alone is really hard to sustain.

    But when you combine solid nutrition foundations, a shift in mindset, and healthy lifestyle habits, you can actually create long term change that’s sustainable and enjoyable for you and your whole family..  

    Here's an inside look into the journey of getting on your Kijia

    Own It Phase

    This amazing kick-off to the program is a fun and exciting deep dive into who you are, what is natural to you and what your human nature is really like.  Together we learn more about where you are in your journey and what this looks like in your life. This is where we get crystal clear on the big reasons you need to take care of yourself from the inside out and what your vision is for yourself and your life.

    Phase 1: Awareness + Veggies 

    Now that we know where you want to go, who you are naturally and what your life is like,  it’s time to rebuild your nutrition foundations and shed some light on what is happening for you on a daily basis.  This phase is exciting because you learn to notice all of the things you do really well, and where you could make some adjustments that will empower you to feel your best.   

    We deep dive into veggies and all of the ways to make them tasty, easy and irresistible,  so they can become the delicious foundation of your diet. One of my favorite things in the program is helping people fall madly in love with veggies in a way that makes you WANT to eat more of them!!!

    Phase 2: Habit Development + Eating Behaviors

    Here is where we take a look at your human nature and your environment and we really dive into helping you to create habits that make taking care of yourself easier.  We focus on strategies and tactics that work, even though you are really busy. We take action and we handle life as it comes at you while you build the muscle of self care.

    We also spend time practicing mindfulness and tuning into our normal behaviors.  Simple things like where we eat, what distractions we have and how we serve our food make a difference in our nutrition and together we adjust these things to better serve you, so you feel good and content after your meals!


    Phase 3: Your Environment + Lean Protein

    You probably know how strongly I feel about using your environment to help you succeed and take good care of yourself, if you don’t, you will!  Environment is such a powerful tool that we don’t often tap into. Throughout this phase, we take a look at how your environment could be working against you and we make changes to allow it to work for you.  We focus on simplifying, getting rid of things that no longer serve us and physically lightening up our life so we can be less stressed and more clear!

    We also add lean protein to our foundation of veggies.  When you do this on a consistent basis you will notice your body feeling more full and satisfied.  Your energy levels will increase and you will be much less likely to grab so many snacks or eat off you kids plates all evening.  When you focus on eating more protein, your body shape will be able to change to burning more fat and feeling stronger and more lean!


    Phase 4: Self Love + Movement

    Here is where we focus on building the habit of self love and finding ways to practice self love.  This is not at all about arrogance, but rather changing negative thoughts and beliefs about yourself to allow you to grow and feel safe changing.  If you have tried to create change in your life from a point of shame or guilt, you know that it doesn’t work in the long run. In this phase we focus on why and how to approach it from a place of love, so it works!

    We also explore what movement you enjoy, how to make it fit into your busy life, and why you need to find a way to move your body on a regular basis.  This is all about making movement add value to your life, your mind and your body, not using exercise to punish yourself.



    Phase 5: Menu Planning + Healthy Fat

    Here’s where we get into how to make a meal plan for you that works for YOU!  This is all about looking over your life, the people you are eating with on a regular basis, what you guys like and don’t like, how much time you have to cook and what is reasonable and realistic for you!  At the end of this phase – you have created a system that makes menu planning easy

    Our next foundation includes adding healthy fats to each of your meals (think avocado, olive oil, nuts, etc), so you are able to be so much more satisfied.  Not only do healthy fats make foods taste amazing, they help your brain register that it’s done. This will allow you to cut down on the snacking and late night eating because you will no longer be feeling deprived.  Not only will your mindset be better, your hair and nails will improve as well!



    Phase 6: Sleep + Smart Carbs

    Here is where we dive into sleep and how amazing it is for your mind and body.  When it comes to taking great care of yourself, we can’t skip sleep! In this phase we focus on your morning and evening routines as well as your sleep habits.  This allows you to get clear about what is working and what could be adjusted to provide you with more rest and recovery!

    Our nutrition foundation is smart carbs.  In this phase we focus on cutting down on processed carbs and creating an awareness of what carbs feel good to your body, soyou are able to find the right formula for you!   This is exciting because the next time you go to a pasta dinner or a birthday party, you are able to do what works for you and feel good about it.

    By creating an awareness around what processed carbs you are eating and by eating more whole food carbs, you can lose body fat, prevent energy crashes and understand what works for you!



    Phase 7: Stress Management + Beverages

    Here’s where we focus on what is causing you stress in your life and how taking care of yourself allows you to manage this stress.  We learn more about the way your body processes stress and we focus on how stress management looks in your life – not in an ideal situation!  

    We also dive into what beverages are best for your body and how to manage the ones that aren’t. We focus on consistency of our nutrition foundations and implementing our new mindset, self care routines and self love into our life on a daily basis.  

    But that's not all!

    When you enroll, you will also get a handful of  amazing resources to help you start taking better care of yourself including:

    Whole Food Recipe Guide

    We all love more recipes! Especially recipes that are simple to make and full of good-for-you-foods!  This guide will give you some easy recipes that are quick to make on busy nights and will fill you up and keep you satisfied!  There is no reason to spend hours cooking, but there is amazing benefit to healthy home cooked food, so grab a few recipes from here for next week!

    Stress Management Workbook

    Because, let’s face it. Chances are– you are stressed! So, we’re making it easier than ever to commit to yourself and managing life!  With this workbook, you will be able to get clear on the best ways to manage stress for you and how that will look in your life.

    Ready to get on your Kijia?

    Don’t take my word for it, hear what results our clients have seen:


    “My life has been forever changed since joining Kijia.  There is a calmness now that I never had before and that started with developing daily habits that work for my family and life.  Ali truly listened to my individual challenges and customized a plan that worked for ME!  A year & a half later, I’m still applying all the tips I’ve learned from Kijia.  I am beyond thankfor for this program!”


    “I would recommend this program if you feel like you need to get out of the “diet” rut and make some real changes.  And who doesn’t need to do that?!”

    “I am proud that I no longer feel so down and negative about myself and my body image.  I am proud that I have control over things and can make conscious decisions about what I eat and when!”


    “Though losing weight wasn’t as much of a focus as feeling my best, I lost over 7 lbs in the couple of months before my wedding and have successfully continued to practice the habits we focused on during that time!  I would highly recommend working with Ali to anyone looking to lose weight, feel more in control of your health or even to just have a better understanding of your own nutrition.”


    “In three weeks the Earth has literally shifted beneath my feet!  Kijia has not only enabled me to change my nutritional practices and my cooking styles, but also my emotional relationship with food as well.  It truly allowed me to put myself first in my life and dump all these past judgements of failed diets, programs and products that truly have served only to undermine my success.  Your program is simply the best!”


    I have done different diets before - what makes this different?

    This is not another diet, I can promise you that!  If you are looking for a quick fix diet with meal plans that food groups to cut out, you will not find that here.  This program is all about helping you get on your path to feeling your best and taking care of you from the inside out.  Kijia is your path to freedom from dieting and confidence that how you are eating is best for your body and mind.

    By focusing on adding the foundations of any good diet (veggies, lean protein, healthy fat, smart carbs) we avoid the feelings of restriction and allow food to taste good and fill us up, while allowing our bodies to lose weight from a place of self-love not hate.

    Also, we provide a TON of daily accountability and strategizing to make sure the actions are taking place in your life, not just in theory.  We work together to strategize how to handle real life things that make eating healthy harder, like work, travel, holidays, kids and exhaustion!

    What is the investment?

    We like to jump on the phone and make sure it’s a perfect fit before sharing the investment for our program. This allows us to make sure it’s a good fit for both of us.  We can assure you it’s well worth it for all of the support, guidance and accountability provided.

    Do I have time for this? I am really busy with everything in my life.

    This is not another diet, I can promise you that!  If you are looking for a quick fix diet with meal plans that food groups to cut out, you will not find that here.  This program is all about helping

    Yes!  We know that you are busy and you have a lot on your plate, that is why we created this program to fit your busy life.  It’s important to remember, you have time for what you make time for and what could be more of a priority than taking care of yourself so you can take care of those around you and live your best life!

    In terms of actual time investment, there is a mini lesson each day that is provided to you on your Kijia app that can be read or listened to.  This give you a dose of information, focus and motivation for the day. The coaching calls last for about 1 hour each week, where you will have a chance to connect and  strategize your life. All-in-all, you save time because you become more confident and efficient!

    Do I need any special equipment or software for this program?

    The only thing you *really* need is your phone for the Kijia App and access to Zoom for our calls!


    This specific Kijia group is for women only because of the space and type of support needed to allow growth and transformation.   We have found the way to get the best results and to openly and safely explore the specific and unique challenges of being a busy working woman!  

    We are happy to work with men on a 1:1 basis as the type of support they need is usually different from that of busy women.  


    Ready to get on your Kijia?

    I am so excited to guide you on this journey of taking care of yourself from the inside out so you can feel amazing in your body and have the energy and confidence you deserve.


    It’s time to focus on you.


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