Life Lessons from a Rain Storm

I feel like the universe is trying to tell me something because the past two weekends I have been caught in huge rain/thunderstorms in the middle of a run.

Both of the runs started out great! The skies were grey but the temperature was really pleasant – not too hot or too cold. The weather app showed no rain for hours.

Both runs started out great! I hit my stride after the first mile and was enjoying listening and zoning out.

Then all of a sudden, on both occasions the sky opened up at about mile 2.5 into my 5 mile loop.

As you know, this is the point of no return – well you can turn around, but it will be the same distance so you may as well just keep moving forward.

When I heard the rumble and the clouds opened up and poured, and I mean poured on me, I had to stop and laugh. Was this a sign or a message?

I couldn’t help but think so.

What was this repeat experience trying to show me?

I thought for a few minutes about calling for a ride home, but knew I would be disappointed that I called it quits when I was already soaked, so I kept going.

It was like a ton of bricks (or in this case) water hit me.

This is it.

This is the point where you choose to move forward to quit.

Everything in life has this point.

Everything has a point where it feels like you are stuck out in the middle of something you started, and it’s not easy and you kind of want to go back, but you are pretty far along, so you have to make a choice – run through the rain or turn around and duck out.

As you may guess. Pretty soon after I decided to commit to finishing the run, the clouds cleared and blue sky appeared.

It aligned perfectly with the metaphor that was playing out in my mind.

I have learned from experience with my journey through body image and self-love, to my journey with business and work that there will always be a point when you want to duck out and quit.

This part usually comes when it’s pouring and thundering and you are well on your way toward the sunshine, but can’t see it yet.

This is the point when it’s critical to keep going.

This is the point that makes all of the difference in your journey, this is the point where it matters.

Even if all you can do is commit to staying on your Kijia or path and letting the storm pass, don’t turn around, keep going!!!

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