Does lunch stress you out? 😖
Are you constantly trying to decide if you should skip lunch or just eat a little popcorn but then 3pm rolls around and you are so hungry you could eat your arm off!!

So you just grab whatever because you don’t want to eat a full meal right then. Then you feel guilty like you blew it and you just munch until dinner time. 🙇‍♀️🤦‍♀️

I know what you mean. I used to to do this and it’s the worst!


Create a lunch menu for yourself. Don’t overthink it. Just ask yourself, if you were creating a menu for a little restaurant what would you include on it.

The things you put on your menu should be:

In alignment with your goals (so…healthy if you are trying to take good care of yourself)

Easy to make so you can throw it together quickly.

Full of ingredients you usually have or stock at your house.
If you are unsure what a “healthy” lunch would look like for you – I am happy to chat about it with you!

Get a super clear picture in your head or on a list of what would be included in your menu items. I would say it’s best to have 2-4 options.
For me, this looks like:
Salad –
Base of greens with whatever leftover roasted veggies I have in the fridge, topped with some protein (leftovers), avocado and spicy jalapenos and usually Garlic Expressions or Spicy Peanut dressing.
Buddah Bowl – 🍜
Base of cauliflower rice topped with some leftovers (usually Thai, Italian, Indian or Asian) plus some parm or spicy jalapenos and something crunchy (pretzels or pita chips)
Eggs –
Eggs + Egg Whites with whatever fresh veggies we have in the fridge and usually a greek yogurt with peanut butter powder.

What would be on your lunch menu?

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