Taste Buds Change – Don’t Give Up On Them!

Taste Buds Change – Don’t Give Up On Them!


I remember when I was younger my mom told me that my taste buds would change and someday soon I would start liking grown up foods like mushrooms and onions.

Maybe it was the power of suggestion, but mom’s usually know best and sure enough, I did!

We laugh now as we tell our kids this everytime they say they don’t like something we give them.

Just the other day, at Bibibop, Anna was chowing down her bowl of mixed veggies, tofu, chicken and rice while Kate and Ella were whining about their bowls, which were mainly rice and cucumbers and cheese.

She turned to Brady and said, “I guess my tastebuds are just maturing way faster than theirs.”

As adults we don’t often remember that our taste buds change every two weeks. This allows for lots of opportunities to adjust our preferences.  If you have been saying for years that you hate broccoli or can’t stand salmon, maybe it’s time to give them another chance!

By trying something you don’t love often and in different forms (think roasted broccoli, broccoli soup, broccoli slaw) you can help change your taste buds so they acquire the taste.

Make it a family goal to start enjoying one new veggie you have tried to stay away from in the past!

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