Stuff. UGH!

Stuff. UGH!

Stuff. Ugh.Stuff is overwhelming.
From the school papers to the mail.
From the toys to the sport equipment.
From the knick knacks to the family items. 
From the clothes that fit to the clothes that don’t fit.
From the dirty laundry to the clean laundry.

It’s never ending.

Do you feel like you are constantly dealing with stuff?
Your stuff, stuff around your house, your kids stuff…everyone’s stuff.
Do you spend time picking up stuff?
Fighting about picking up stuff?
Looking for lost stuff?

All of this stuff actually has a lot to do with your wellbeing.
It adds stress.
It adds chaos.
It adds work.
It also really adds mental exhaustion and clutter.
It distracts you and takes up your time.
The “stuff” situation can actually raise your cortisol levels causing you to crave junk food.

For me, having three girls, we have a lot of stuff!
You can imagine the dolls, clothes, mini-figures, stuffed animals, crafts….I could go on.
Before I got a good handle on the stuff (*notice I said good, far from perfect) I was constantly stressed about toys and clutter.
I was always trying to jam toys into their spots, snapping at the girls for leaving things everywhere and feeling totally consumed and overwhelmed with stuff.
While there are still times I feel this way, I have a system now that the kids are involved in.
I have been amazed though at how much better they feel having less clutter around.
I have been amazed that they actually volunteer to give things away to kids who need toys now.
I have been amazed to see their stress go down when things are cleaned up better.

Getting rid of stuff often aligns closely with getting rid of excess fat you may be holding onto.

Imagine how you would feel if you could shed things to become lighter (physically and mentally) and more free so you have more time for things you want to do, more energy for yourself and those around you.

Imagine how much less chaotic and stressful things would be if you could spend less energy searching for things or looking at piles on your counters.

Imagine the time you could get back if you weren’t dealing with so much stuff each day.

Environment, meaning your house, your kitchen, your clutter, your excess stuff are a big part of what we tackle in the Kijia Transformation Program because it has a huge impact on wellbeing.

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