5 Weeks of Shifting Your Energy + Moving Forward on your Kijia

For the woman ready to own her energy, manage her stress and raise her vibe!

Routines and habits are amazing strategies to move forward on our path, but when the circumstances change in our life, we need to take our power back and align our energy to where we want to go.

With so much going on in the world, let’s take control of what we can, our energy. 

Your vibe is what you are putting out there. You obviously can’t see vibration but you can feel it. You can feel the energy people put out.

When you start taking care of yourself from the inside out, you raise your vibration.

When you raise your vibration, the energy you put out, you raise the vibration of your whole family, and those around you.

THAT is my mission. 

Raising my vibration so I can help those around me raise theirs.

My mission continues to get more clear as we move through this tough time.

My mission continues to get more filtered and more aligned as I learn more about myself and how I want to serve others.

My mission is really to help more people get on their Kijia, their path, to feeling good in their body, mind and brain so they can share their gifts with the world.

My mission is to empower people to know themselves so they can honor their gifts.

Let’s Raise the Vibe!

Raise Your Vibe Starts November 16th!

Raise Your Vibe is all about getting you on your path (your Kijia) to raising your vibration!
It’s about doing more things that feel amazing to your mind and body!
It’s about honoring yourself where you are!
It’s about taking aligned action from where you are in the direction you want to go!
It’s about celebrating the mini milestones along your journey!
It’s about moving you forward on your Kijia!
Your vibration is the energy you put into the world and it affects the energy you get back from the world!
“Everything in life is vibration.” –Albert Einstein
I am sooo excited to bring you this new program! 🙏
There is so much we can’t control right now, one thing we can control is the energy we put out in the world!
It’s a perfect time to focus on raising your vibe!
We start November 16th!

Raise Your Vibe

NOW is the time to…

Be more present, less stressed and more connected to yourself.

Focus on gratitude and the good things in your life.

Process all the emotions we are feeling in way that serves you and feels good.

Understand what feels good to your body from the inside out.

Move forward instead of staying stuck.

Rebuild your foundations: nutrition, sleep, awareness to self love and trust. 

Elevate your energy to show up and share your gifts.


If you felt yourself nodding yes to any of this, then you’ve come to the right place

I can’t wait to connect with you !

I am so glad you are here!

If we all focus on taking care of ourselves so we can show up with more love and more positive energy, we are doing our part to help ourselves, our families, our communities and the world.  

Raise Your Vibe is About Getting on Your Path to a Higher Vibration

Ali Hively of Kijia Living with family

You will be discovering what works for you.

You will be creating new habits and rituals that support you.

You will be rewriting your story to align with what you want to feel and how you want to live.

You will be raising your vibe to share with the world!

Here's an inside look at the Raise Your Vibe Program

Phase 1: Best Version of You 

 Creating the best version of you!!  Rewriting your story.  Tapping into your amazing self and bringing it out!

Here we dive into all of the awareness around all of our Kijia Foundations.  From nutrition to sleep, movement to mindfulness and mindset.  We figure out the next steps needed for moving forward in your life right now! 

Phase 2: Your Mood, Your Mind + Your Vibe

This is about recognizing how we can harness our emotions and our moods and change them to work for us.  It’s not about bypassing feelings we don’t want to have, but making the choice about what to do with them. 

We dive into how emotions hold energetic charges and how to take back our power with them.  We focus on  journal prompts, processing emotions and setting intentions

Phase 3: Self Trust + Changing Your Beliefs  

Here we focus on rebuilding trust in ourselves that may have been lost along our journey.   We check in with the belief systems we are running and we rewrite them to serve us better and help us raise our vibe. 


Phase 4:  Daily Vibe Rising Habits + Feeling the Energy

From the way you wake up in the morning to what you do when you wake up.  We dive into all of the things you do on a daily basis that have the potential to increase your energy and allow you to feel the way want: calm, strong and positive.

We focus on movement and meditation to shift the energy in your mind and body.

Phase 5: Maintain + Rise 

Here’s where we get into the action plan for keeping your vibe up!  We layout plans for moving forward and we figure out what shifts still need to happen. 

The Details

5 Weeks of Amazing Energy Loving Support for YOU!

Weekly Group Coaching Calls (my favorite!!)

Weekly LIVE Trainings on each module + whatever we are needing

Supportive Community Group of Awesome Women Raising Their Vibe

A Kijia Raise Your Vibe Workbook with Weekly Journal Prompts

Recipes + Meditations

Plus more!

Ready to RISE?!