Motivation Myths…

Motivation Myths…

I have been thinking a lot about motivation lately.

Usually, people think that if they have more motivation they will be able to achieve something difficult.

For example:
“If only I was more motivated, I would run a 5k.”

“If only I had more motivation to eat healthy I would feel better in my jeans.”

“If only I was more motivated, I would clean out my overfilled closet.”

The thing about motivation is that it comes and goes and it’s not reliable to be there day in and day out.

In a recent conversation about the CPA (certified public accounting) exam that Brady finished last year someone said to me.

“Wow, Brady must have been really motivated to do all of that studying and pass the tests.”

As I thought back on the year-long process where he spent hours each day listening to audio study materials on the commute to and from work, reading every night, taking practice tests and watching videos each weekend, it was like a light bulb went off.

Motivation was not what helped him be successful.

The habits and the structure he put in place to study each day consistently were completely the reason for his success.

I can tell you that if he had relied on motivation, there is no way he would have passed those tests.

Motivation never would have kept him studying when the girls were wanting him to play.

Motivation wasn’t there at 6am when he woke up early on the weekend to study before our family activities.

There were many days where the last thing he wanted to do was study.

There were things all around him he could have done and focused on.

The structure and routine he created helped him to stay on track and put in the consistent action over time which resulted in success.

It is no wonder that motivation doesn’t work to get you where you want to go in terms of your health and wellbeing.

We need to create routines and structure that align us with our vision, so when motivation is nowhere to be found, we can still take action each day.

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