Morning Routine

Morning Routine

Let’s talk about the morning because for many of us, it is going to change at the beginning of the school year.
You may be worried you are going to be back to the chaos of frantically packing lunches and looking for missing shoes.

You may already be thinking about how you start taking care of everyone before you have even had a full cup of coffee.

You may already be thinking that your idea of a peaceful morning is gone.

But I want you to know, this is possible.

I want you to picture this…
Picture yourself waking up early before anyone wakes up and having a cup of coffee in the peace and quiet of your dark, calm house. The coffee would of course be waiting for you when you came down the stairs.

Imagine yourself spending 20-30 minutes thinking about ANYTHING you wanted. You could plan your day out, you could reflect or read, you could sit with a magazine, even finish that episode you didn’t get a chance to finish. If you wanted, you could even go workout.

Then imagine how good you would feel, already having a minute (and some coffee) to yourself.

Imagine that having that moment gave you some time to take on the day, so when the rest of your house woke up, no one was in fire-drill mode.

Imagine having a plan that was not overwhelming for dinner, and starting it in the morning.

Then imagine everyone heading in different directions with a smile on their face.

You feeling happy that the morning was nice and everyone was off to a great start.

This is totally possible.
This can be your new routine.

In my Kijia Core Transformation Program we create realistic routines that help you feel good and fit into your life.

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