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Little Snippet from the RAISE YOUR VIBE PROGRAM!!

This is one of lessons from the 5 weeks all about celebration!!!?As we move through this program and beyond, building the habit of celebration is one of the most important things to take with you!?

We are taught and trained and conditioned to downplay our successes. We are encouraged to dim our light to allow for someone else to shine, and while we are not interested in bragging – I do believe this has stifled our energy!?

It’s time to get back into the habit of noticing things to celebrate on a daily basis. It’s time to celebrate small success and everyday joys. It’s time to embrace more good and retrain our brains to look for more love, more fun, more joy, and more wins!?

I want us to celebrate each other in big wins and in small wins. When we do, we keep going!! We stay off the paths that lead us spiraling backward. We want to move forward because it feels good!?

?I want to change the belief that we can’t celebrate until it’s over.? I want to rewrite the story that unless we did it perfectly, it doesn’t deserve a celebration.

We are going to celebrate every step forward in the direction we want to go – no matter what size. We are going to encourage others to celebrate with us and for us and we are going to do the same for others! Life gets to be fun!


What wins can we celebrate with you this week?! How does it feel to make progress? Notice the energy of a celebration! It’s great energy!?How can you add it more to your life? How can you spread it to others!? What are your favorite ways to celebrate?! xoxo 3 More Days to enroll in the Raise Your Vibe Program!

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