Let’s Talk About Late-Night Snacking?

Let’s Talk About Late-Night Snacking?

It used to happen to me all the time…

I would find myself in the cupboard every night after dinner. I wouldn’t want to be there but there I was. Some days I would feel compelled to search your house for chocolate and other days I would just go for some leftover treats from the kids.

This was so annoying to me because….I was “so good” all day.

But then when the dishes were done I would grab things I wouldn’t ever consider eating during the day.

I had no willpower left.

Then I would feel super frustrated with myself. Why did I just do that?

In an effort to “fix” it… I would vow to be “perfect” again tomorrow or skip breakfast and/lunch and the whole thing starts over….

It wasn’t until I realized that restricting myself from things all day was causing me to go after them all evening.

See when you restrict you are telling yourself you can’t have something and you are using all of your willpower to resist it. Since willpower is like fuel in your gas tank, when it runs low or when it is drained, there is nothing left to keep you from going after treats. Your brain is also afraid you are going to restrict food and therefore wants to “stock up”.

Throw a little exhaustion or some stress into the mix and this is a recipe for late night eating…

After resetting my foundations and figuring out a plan that works for me, I no longer struggle with this. I am able to make a conscious decision on whether or not I want a treat at night – I no longer feel controlled by the treat.

This freedom is amazing and completely available to you!

Habits + Self Love + Your Kijia = Freedom!

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