A High Level Self Empowerment + Personal development Mastermind For Women Ready To Experience more Joy, Peace + Total Freedom from the inside out.

Hey Wonder Woman!

I'm Ali, your Freedom focused Life coach + transformational mentor

I get it! Being a women who on the outside, has it all figured out, but on the inside… can’t help shake the feeling that your life is meant for so much more… is no easy task.

You’ve got the life you want, the career, the family, the home, but deep down you KNOW you’re meant to feel even better than you do right now.

You are ready to step more into your own personal power and experience even more joy, love, and peace within yourself.

You deserve to have it all! 100% Guilt free. 

To love your body, LOVE your life, FEEL amazing in your skin, in your relationship, with your kids, and experience freedom in ways you only dreamed were possible.

Join me in a community of other high-achieving women committed to more joy, peace, and positive energy.

The Kijia Inner Circle Covers All Areas of your transformatioN

Health, Nutrition And Lifestyle Habits

Giving you access to everything you need for creating a healthy, nutritious and delicious life so your mind and body are fueled with food that tastes as good as it makes you feel!

Personal empowerment, confidence, and Self love

Ali Stretching

Supporting you in creating a lifestyle that enhances your mood, self esteem, confidence, and falling back in love with your body from the inside out!

Mindset, Emotional processing and energy

Giving you the tools to take back your personal power, navigate your emotions and master your mindset to BE the most FREE and empowered version of you possible!

Here's What's included:

We know finding your path to your most fulfilled and empowered life requires MORE than just information, which is why we give you all of this:

Weekly Group Coaching Calls

Access To All Programs Including R.Y.V and Kijia Foundations

Access To A Group Messenger For Support Between Calls

Ready to feel at home with a community of powerful women just like you?

The Kijia Inner Circle is so much more than just a coaching container, it’s like FAMILY! Where you get to connect with woman who GET YOU! Woman who WANT MORE out of life and are ready to feel AMAZING!


The Kijia Inner Circle is the most supportive and powerful place to transform yourself and your life from the inside out.

You can choose from the following Kijia Programs:

Foundations Program

Raise Your Vibe 


Empowered – Raise Your Vibe Continued 

Mission Beautiful Brain 

Reset (coming out 2/2/21) 

Heres a taste of the topics we cover inside the Kijia Inner Circle:

Habits for Self Love

Energy Manifesto

Desires + Living more aligned to them

Personal Power + Lifestyle Routines

Flow vs. Force

Masculine vs. Feminine Energy

Why Is It Important to Balance the Masculine and Feminine Energy + How to do it!

Energy Clear Out

EFT: how it works!

Reverse Vision Planning

Meditations on Your Best Self + Vision

Releasing Emotions Guided Meditations

Clean Out Mode: Limiting Beliefs

Limiting Belief Exercise: Dickens Pattern

Personal Power + Lifestyle Routines

Self Sabotage Meditations + Visualizations

10 minute guided meditations – don’t skip! 🙂

Diving into chakras and energy

Eliminating Self Sabotage 

Integration days

Nutrition and meal planning

And soooo much more!

How To Know The Kijia Inner Circle is perfect for you:

  • You’re a high achieving woman who wants to know how good she can really feel in her body and in her life
  • You’re ready to ditch the diets, stop hating your body and fall in love with an easy and FUN way of living a FREEDOM filled life
  • You want to completely change your mindset, let go of limiting beliefs, negative thought patterns or bad habits
  • You want to create big changes in your life, body, relationship or mindset and don’t know where to start
  • You want to be loved, supported, held accountable and challenged to step into your greatest potential with a group of women that TRULY care about YOU and your goals!
  • You’re ready to become the woman you always knew you could be!

Kijia Client Success Stories:

Hear straight from other Kijia members who found their path…


I was a serial dieter.  I have tried weight watchers, AdvoCare, low carb, no carb, eat breakfast, don’t eat breakfast…you get the idea.  So, when Ali and I talked she asked what some of my goals were and naturally I said the standard; lose weight, get in shape and be healthy.  The difference with this program is that the goals are still the same, but everyone’s path to get there is personal.  At 37 years old it is hard to change your mindset, it is hard to start a new habit.  With the guidance of Ali, I found my new path, I found my Kijia. 

I can tell you that I feel amazing.  I smile more, I am there for my husband and my kids more, and I am starting to really be happy in my own skin.  It is a work in progress, but for the first time in 20 years, I like this “work”.   Thank you Ali for your motivation and ongoing support.  You and this program really have changed how I view myself and how I view my future.



I have a deeper, richer appreciation for life.

I’ve learned to give myself some slack, letting go of “Mom guilt” while at the same time overcoming limiting beliefs, and you know what? 

I surprised myself in the process. It’s what can happen when you push through those barriers that has altered my life forever and ultimately changing the story I’ve been telling myself for YEARS. 

Thank You, Ali, from the bottom of my heart, for all of this. You came into my life at a moment when I needed you most. As you have said, There’s a reason why certain people come into your life. I get it now. It’s taken me a while, but the universe is speaking and I am now ready to respond


I started last January. Felt lethargic, depressed and was not terribly active.

Once I realized that the positive energy I was putting out to the world could manifest and return to me twofold—-that was when I made a shift. I was challenging basic truths everyday. And once I became comfortable with being uncomfortable, I grew spiritually, physically, and mentally.

It was the positive support you provided, acknowledging gains when I did not see them and the challenges you put in front of me when I needed them.

Within a year, I sold my house, began a new independent life, started the job of my dreams and fell in love again. And it was a byproduct of learning that love is who you are and not what you do.

I would Absolutely recommend this program to anyone. Success had very little to do with weight loss then gains in my self-image.

Patrick H.

Ali has done such amazing things for our family. All of her strategies are simple and make sense. I decided to enroll in her program, with my family in mind.

 Ali’s program focuses on what you can add to your daily lives, instead of what should be removed. Soon there was no room for the unhealthy, which faded away on its own. Ali also knows exactly what workouts to suggest to meet my needs; so much so that I look forward to my workouts each day. 

 Ali has helped us all discover healthy things we truly enjoy and prefer, including fun activites we can do as a family. We have much more control over our lives yet armed with strategies should things need to be adjusted. This couldn’t have been possible without Ali.

 Her methods are well thought out, easy to implement and become habits. Truly life changing for our entire family. She helped us discover our Kijia.


I loved Kijia so much I went through the program twice! I feel motivated to do the things I need to feel good. Mostly, I feel strongly about placing priorities on self-care and taking care of myself. The program completely altered the way I eat, the way I move, and the way I look at day-to-day life.

Before I started Kijia I felt the mundane of my life taking over. There were a lot of “should” statements – I should be eating better, I should exercise more, I should wake up earlier…I knew I needed to do a better job taking care of myself but quickly learned how daunting it is to form new habits on my own. I often felt like I was failing at keeping up.

Ali is positive, encouraging, and empathetic. She doesn’t criticize or judge – she works to understand you and guide you in a way that generates success rather than discouragement.

I would absolutely recommend this program to anyone!


“I am most proud of a comment my husband said last week. He told me, “You just seem so much happier in the last few weeks.”

I thought about it, and I can say that I truly am happier.

When I started the program, I worried that I was being selfish – focusing on me for fourteen weeks seemed excessive.

In reality, I’ve actually been able to spend more quality time with my family. We’ve hiked, played, swam, and giggled more in the past six weeks than we have in a long time. Today, I can say that I’m prepared for tomorrow.

Even a year later, I am so proud to say that the habits you helped create are still going strong, and I’m actively starting new habits that support the lifestyle I want to lead.

I know there will be ups and downs, but I have the tools to cope and get myself back on track when setbacks happen

Miranda L.


The Kijia Inner Circle is the most supportive and powerful place to transform yourself and your life from the inside out.