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It’s the weekend! Wahoo! ?

Do something this weekend that lights you up!

Do something you find exciting or really enjoyable.

In fact, do a few of those things…not just one.

On a recent group coaching call for my Raise the Vibe group, we were talking about what excites us, and it was interesting to note that not everyone could think of something off the top of their head.

When given a few days to think about the answer, they were easily reconnected with things they love and hadn’t spent much time doing. Reading, dancing, helping little kids, art, hiking..the list goes on. Ask yourself this question this weekend.

If you can’t think of something that fills you up right now, maybe it’s time to try something new you have not experienced yet. A tennis lesson, a yoga class, a new park, or a new book.

Either way, make time for yourself this weekend and do something to fill up on light, love, and positive energy!

For me, that includes a run outside, probably a few minutes of yoga – possibly with the kids?‍♀️, pickleball, and having a conversation during dinner (so that would probably not include all of the kids – but would include Brady, my parents, and brother and sister-in-law)

Did I say 1 thing? Pick a few! Shoot for stars then you are bound to get something in 

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