I Feel Like I Was Meant To Struggle…

It’s funny to say that out loud. I mean who really wants to feel like they were meant to struggle with something. But now that I reflect on what I am doing with Kijia and my mission to help women take good care of themselves from the inside out, I have come to realize that my struggles were meant for me.

My struggles with body image, eating issues and working hard to be healthy were a part of what has brought me to now, a place where I can guide others in finding the time, space and energy to take amazing care of themselves so they can enjoy their life more, feel healthier and happier.

I have tried all of the diets, I have been through the binge/restriction mode, I have dealt with tons of negative self-talk in my head, I have over-exercised and I know how it all feels. I know how draining it is.

But the thing that changed is the constant searching outside of myself to find what I was looking for, thanks to the help of my own mentors and coaches and getting on my Kijia, my path.

This is a pivotal shift because if you are constantly looking outside of yourself to feel good inside – you will never find what you are looking for.

If what you are looking for is freedom, confidence, self-love, happiness, and peace – there is a way to find that – but, it’s not something external.

With the combination of self-love, mindset and lifestyle habits, you can get on your path, your Kijia.

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