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Informative –  Interactive – Actionable –  Engaging

Each workshop is approximately 60 minutes but can be adjusted to accommodate your company. 

Price: $350/ hour

Available Topics

– From Stressed to Success – a practical approach to stress management that leaves employees with their own personal plan to take action

– Meal Plan Magic – a workshop designed to help employees make meal planning easier and more applicable to their life where each person leaves with easy, healthy weeknight ideas and a plan!

– Getting healthier when you have no time – an interactive workshop designed to help employees get through the blocks they have that may be stopping them from living a healthier life.

– Sugar, Sugar – an interactive worksop that helps employees discover where sugar is hidden and the best ways to find it and replace it with better choices

Individual & Group Programs

  • Healthy Eating Habits
  • Sleep Habit
  • Stress Management Habits
  • Mindfulness Habits
  • Exercise Habits
  • Healthy Environments (home and work)
  • Meal Planning Strategies
  • and more!