A secret to success…

Flexibility…and not the stretchy kind.

If you want to succeed at anything…you MUST be more flexible than  your obstacles.  

This is worth repeating.  To succeed, you have to remain more flexible than the things that will get in your way.
You can probably name the things that get in the way of your wellness.
Maybe it’s your busy work schedule, maybe it’s your kids, maybe you travel all the time, or maybe it’s your own mind or your past experience.
Whatever it is, it will continue to get in your way, until you become more flexible in figuring out ways to overcome this obstacle.
If you make a plan and something comes up, think to yourself…
“I am flexible, this is not going to get in my way.”
This happened to me last week.  I was set to walk out the door to go workout, when my two year old got sick.  Poor little peanut was my first thought.  Then I thought, shoot, there goes my workout.
I almost let this change in plans ruin my workout, but after I took care of her, I went to my basement and got a great workout in with a podcast I had been saving.  It wasn’t what I had planned, but it worked.  And I felt better all day.
Think about yourself.  Are you flexible in finding ways to overcome your obstacles?


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