I want to thank my mom for so many things. She is the most generous, loving, patient person and she is always thinking of others first. 💗

When I went to grab a sticky note this morning to put in Anna’s lunch box, I was flooded with feelings about sticky notes and my mom. Weird, I know. But mom has taught me the value of a good sticky note and I want to share it with you.

3 Amazing Ways to Use a Sticky Note

🗒To host an event:
Sticky notes are an absolutely essential piece of hosting any event. Whether you are having a birthday party for your 3-year-old, a fancy holiday dinner for 30 people, or a casual Sunday cookout, sticky notes are a must. After you have set up your table and laid out the serving platters and dishes you are using, simply walk around the table and label your dishes for which food will go where. This makes it so easy when it’s time for the party! It also makes it easy to enlist help. I never set out a table without my notes nearby, and I hope you don’t either. 🙂

🗒To share memories.
My mom was a nurse and took care of many people through hard times. One thing she always told families to do when they were going through a hard time, was to write happy memories on the sticky notes and post them for others to see. I still run into people at the store who tell me how much my mom’s little tip brightened their tough time.

🗒To spread love + cheer
Write affirmations and love notes and post them where you can find them later. Whether that means in your child’s lunchbox, on your bathroom mirror or hidden in a drawer, spread positive thoughts and love with yourself and others. These little notes are sure to make you smile, no matter what is going on or how busy you are at the moment.