3 Things To Make Healthy Eating Easier

3 Things To Make Healthy Eating Easier

Eating healthy foods that support your body and mind doesn’t have to be super time consuming on a daily basis.

3 things to do to make healthy eating easier:

  1. Have a strategy, not a perfect meal plan you are following. Don’t just wing it but also don’t be so rigid you feel like you are on a diet. <—in the Kijia program we focus on the nutrition strategy you can stick with for life!
  2. Think ahead.
    I don’t mean to have it all planned out and measured but think 1 step ahead of the game. Do you know you will be on the run all day, can you throw something in your car to eat later or order some healthy take out that can keep you eating what you want even if you aren’t cooking it! <—-In my Kijia program we focus on small steps that keep you ahead of the game in a way that reduces stress!
  3. Keep it simple.
    Use simple things that fit your needs but don’t take a lot of work – rotisserie chicken, turkey, already chopped veggies, etc. <—- In my Kijia program, you are given tons of ideas that allow you to save and time energy but still eat well!

The key is to make it happen consistently – not be perfect 1 or 2 times a week. By changing your lifestyle you can make this so much easier!

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