3 People To Have on Your Personal Board

3 People To Have on Your Personal Board

Every good company has a board. The board advises the company and provides accountability. But have you thought about having a board for yourself?

Kijia has a very solid board with members who hold a wide variety of experience and expertise in different areas.

But I also have a personal board (as well as a bunch of mentors and coaches). My board members are the people I ask for advice and I really listen to their input because I know their strengths are different from my own.

Here are a few types of people you need on your personal board:

1. The honest realist. This is a person you can turn to for the truth. This person doesn’t sugar coat things they give you real feedback while they have your best interest at heart.

2. The cheerleader. This is a person who is in support of everything you do and keeps you going. They build you up and give you love whenever you need it.

3. The questioner. This is a person who loves to play devils advocates and ask you questions to consider. They don’t always expect answers, they just reframe things for perspective and to make sure you are thinking clearly.

There are just a few of the types of people I find it important to get regular feedback from.

Who is on your personal board?

Do you have one?

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