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It's personal development MADE FOR YOU

at every stage and age who are ready to better themselves and their lives through the power of habits, self love and mindset

Whether you are...

Trying to establish habits and routines that fit your new life
Busy chasing everyone else's schedules while keeping up with your own
Or learning how to rediscover life when the kids are all grown up and no longer around

We are all trying to find our

best selves


is here to show you how!

Does any of this sound familiar?

Every time you feel like you’ve finally got a grip on life, Something Always Changes whether it’s the kids getting older, covid pandemics, relationship changes or even… body changes! and at times… it just feels overwhelming to try to manage it all on your own.
You reminisce about the care free, spontaneous, fun and passionate women you Used to be and wonder if you’ll ever be able to get her back or be as fun again.
No matter how much you feel like you plan and prepare, it always feels like your to-do list is piling up whether it’s laundry, dishes, work or everything in between, sometimes you just wish you had an extra mom to make it all easier.

You secretly binge personal development podcast,
books and 
Crave to get more out of life, but can’t help
feeling like the odd ball out with your other friends
who just don’t get it. It doesn’t quite feel like you fit in
anywhere, anymore. 

Hey Lady

I'm Ali

Your habit queen,
modern day mom of 3
self love and mindset obsessed
health and nutrition enthusiast
here to support moms on finding their path


to more peace, positivity and next level joy

No matter what stage of life you're at!

you see...

5 Years Ago I Felt Like On The Outside I Had It All Put Together....

....But On The Inside I Needed More Support So I Could Better Enjoy The Life I Was Building!

I was constantly hearing my inner critic...

trying to keep up with my 3 girls all under 6 years old, running the fitness department for a local club, and always feeling “not enough” in my mind and body.

I realized I needed to get on my own personal development journey, simplify my life, create routines that worked for me, and step into my personal power. So I could feel lighter and more empowered instead of exhausted and defeated.

So I took a huge leap of faith and invested in my first coach that led me down a path of total transformation! I’ve become more confident in who I really am, built a thriving career - that I LOVE, found REAL peace within myself and have been able to experience more connection, more love, more joy and fulfillment than ever before.

But it didn’t happen all at once….

I had to jump around from program to program, investing thousands and thousands of dollars in mentors, coaches, programs and my own personal development trying to get all the different pieces of the puzzle.

There was no ONE place that had it all. AND NONE WERE REALLY BUILT FOR MOMS!

So I decided to take ALL my learning, mastery and training to put it in one place MADE FOR WOMEN just like me who can get all the help, support and empowerment they need at a FRACTION of the cost.

If you feel like you resonate with this and are ready to get on your own Kijia to empowerment and self- development with habits, routines, support and self love, this is the place.

I would love nothing more than to support you inside of the Kijia Community! 

As women, we sometimes think we can’t have it all – but WE CAN!  

We know being a woman means

a lifetime of transitioning and finding your way in the world. 

You Are An Amazing Woman. Mom. Wife. Sister. Daughter. Boss.
Partner. Leader. CEO. Mentor. Friend. CoWorker, Lover. And Sooooo Much More! 

Being all of the roles to so many people is amazing and also...


The Kijia community is about supporting YOU.

Making YOUR life easier.

Helping YOU do what works for you and feel good doing it.

It's time to come together, support one another, and enjoy the process of it all!

So how do we get you feeling empowered and successful at being ALL of who you are without feeling like you're sacrificing yourself in the process?

This Amazing Membership And Coaching Is Made JUST For YOU We Know That You Don’t Need To Add More To Your Do List – You Need Support In Taking Things Off Of It. You Need a Personal Cheerleader in your pocket You Need Support & Positive Energy  infuse in your life. You Need Resources Built For You …and your family 


Think Of This As Having Your Personal Cheerleader, Best Friend, Therapist, Fitness
Coach, Personal Trainer, Mom, Meal Planner, Mindset And Self Love Coach


At The Touch Of Your Finger. 

A place where you can get support on any and every area of your life at ANYTIME.

A judgement free zone where you can come to explore yourself, set new goals, achieve new heights, and experience an entirely new realm of possibility in your life!

We know there’s nothing more challenging then trying to balance it all.

Between parenting kids of all ages, having an amazing social life, a thriving career, great relationship, wonderful sex, a postiive attitude, and a healthy and happy body you love

We’ve Designed Kijia To Be A One Stop Shop For Everything!

Nutrition - Movement - Mindset

Your Foundations

Awareness - Energy - Emotions

Your Inner World

Environment - Habits - Purpose

Your Outer World

Here's a sneak peak of all the topics we cover inside the kijia community:








Just Imagine...

Having Your Own Personal App With Lessons, Resources And Tools To Support You Each DAY And WEEK As You Move

Through The Kijia Pillars On Becoming Your Most Fulfilled, Joyful And Empowered Self.

Not Only That, Imagine…

Having Weekly Meal Planning, Recipes, Shopping List, At Home Easy Workouts, Family Time,
Self Care, And MORE

All Planned For You EACH WEEK
And Delivered Straight To Your Inbox

(No More Scrambling For Last Minute Recipes Or Forgetting Important Events!)

PLUS.... For Those That REALLY Want The Extra Support...

Having A Community Of Growth Oriented Women In Your Corner 24/7 

With The Option To Add On GROUP COACHING From A Trained Life Coach Where You Get LIVE Feedback On Video Calls Every Week With Women Who GET YOU.

(Oh, And Access To A Secret Group Chat Where You Can Plugin To Your Life Coach And Powerhouse Group Of Women 24/7 In Between Calls.)

It's Like Having Your Own Personal Gang Of Superwomen To Lift You Up, Celebrate You, Connect And Get Support Whenever You Need. 

Who Said Being A Mom Had To Be Lonely?!

Here's How To Know if


Is right for you...

You have a lot on your plate but you know you could be feeling lighter and you want to take something off you plate and get support on!

You crave to connect with other women who GET IT and are also striving to find the harmony, inner peace and JOY of being a mom as well as being a women who has it all!

You always think about how great it would be to have a safe space to go to and get support, ask questions, celebrate yourself, and have the help you need at anytime by women who don’t judge you, love you and see you for your higher self

You’re a mom, have been a mom, plan to be a mom, or relate to other mama’s who truly want to better themselves in any and all areas of their life!

You’re a high achiever who loves growth, personal development and self empowerment both personally and professionally!

The Kijia community may not be for you if…

You don’t care about personal development,
transformation, self empowerment or making
your life even better.

You don’t want to change anything in your life
and prefer to just do it all on your own, even if it’s
hard, lonely, and exhausting.

You don’t care to connect with other amazing
who could become lifelong friends that
would empower you, love you and support you no matter what.

You don’t want access to an incredible library of
to make your life easier, more
enjoyable and so much more enriching!

If that’s you that’s totally okay!

The Kijia Community Was Really Made For Women Who Have A Ripple Effect On The World. No Matter

How Old Your Kids Are You, As A Mom You Are A Constant Support To Them And That Requires You To
Feel Good Yourself.

We Make Growth, Transformation And Personal Empowerment The Most Simple And Doable Thing
Possible Because We Know You’re Busy! 


Ready to get on you Kijia?

There's two amazing options just for you!

Once You Pick Your Kijia, You Will Be Given A Quick Assessment To Help Us Help You!

We Believe In Creating A Personalized Path To Personal Development And Will Custom Tailor
Our App, Programs, And Content To BEST
Meet You Where You Are On Your Personal
Development Journey! 

Kijia community



Monthly access to the full Kijia community 

Kijia vip



Monthly access to the full Kijia community PLUS 3 monthly 1:1 sessions with Ali. 

This is a minimum of a 3 month commitment

Here's what past kijia grads have to say:

it's the community every mom wishes they had, and now they can!

Ready to get on your kijia?

There's no time like the present to make a big change, you've got nothing to lose and everything to gain!

I know investing in yourself can feel terrifying and scary, especially when you're responsible for not just you, but your kiddos and family!

Which is exactly why it's so much more important for you to put you first, to invest in your health, wealth and personal development so you can be the most mom, wife and woman you can possibly be.

If you're ready, we're so excited to welcome you to the kijia community!

There's two amazing options just for you!

Once You Pick Your Kijia, You Will Be Given A Quick Assessment To Help Us Help You!

We Believe In Creating A Personalized Path To Personal Development And Will Custom Tailor
Our App, Programs, And Content To BEST
Meet You Where You Are On Your Personal
Development Journey! 

Kijia community



Monthly access to the full Kijia community

Kijia vip



Monthly access to the full Kijia community PLUS 3 monthly 1:1 sessions with Ali(

This is a minimum of a 3 month commitment

Frequently Asked Questions

This program is about YOU getting results in a way that works for you – it’s not about the plan/diet/program.  Yes, there is a plan (an amazing one) but it all comes down to you taking action that feels good and fits your life to move your forward! It’s focused on you and your life, your personality, your situation, and the results and shifts you want to see in your mind, body and life.  

The lessons in the program take about 5-10 minutes to listen to each day and really help set your intentions for the day and get your mind in the place for success.  They can be listened to when you are in the car, getting ready in the morning or on a walk – all through the Kijia app – or you can read them if you prefer! The group coaching calls are an hour a week – all on Zoom!  The habits and actions vary based on what works in your life!  

Great question!

The Kijia Community is our core offer designed for busy moms who want more support in building habits that allow them to feel lighter, more energized and present in their life. 

Where you’ll receive:

  • A personalized path and plan with action steps toward building the habits to meet your goals
  • Weekly group coaching calls via zoom
  • 1 monthly guest expert call/webinar 
  • Full access to the Kijia app where you get daily lessons, podcasts and more tailored to you
  • 24/7 Access to the Kijia Portal and App for all of the resources, recipes and guides you need!
  • Community Group for connection, conversation and celebration with authentic women like you, support can take place.  
  • Google Calendar with all Kijia Call times and Events 


Which will help you to build and change your habits to better support how you ultimately want to feel in your mind and body. 

And for those that want to go even deeper, we offer the Kijia VIP which includes 1-1 support each week in overcoming obstacles, and creating the shifts you need to feel better in your mind and body.  These calls are magic and create so much transformation becuase they are so personalized!  The VIP option also includes Voxer 1-1 coaching support 24/7! 

They are really best for those who want more support and an even more personalized approach to their life.  The VIP is for the woman who wants and needs to work on her schedule and wants to make it happen now.  She may not be sure of the group coaching and wants more 1-1 focused time to make her goals happen!

There is no way to fail Kijia. You are given so many tools, strategies and practices to create the change you are looking for. Whether you like the daily accountability, the weekly calls, the supportive community, the daily lessons or the Voxer support – you can be sure that you will move forward on your Kijia. 

There are group calls each week at different times to make sure you can attend the ones you need! you can also ask questions ahead of time or catch the replays!

Yes absolutely!  You can choose the payment plan on the checkout page to pay monthly! 

Yes for sure! Coaching is my FAVORITE.  It’s a chance to connect to you and that is what I love most!  There is coaching in a group format (think amazing authentic conversations that address things you think you are the only one who is going through – it’s not scary – I promise) as well as an option to do 1-1 coaching weekly if that is better for your needs!

Investing in yourself can feel scary at first – but I promise it is what provides the biggest rewards.  When you invest in yourself, you step up and lead yourself in a whole new way.  You show for yourself and that creates a positive ripple effect.  If you are not willing to invest in yourself, it will be hard to create the positive change you are looking for. 

Yes for sure – follow the link below to book a call to see if this is a good fit for you! 

Kijia Connection Call