Be done dieting forever.

Ever wish you could stop struggling with food, get off the dieting rollercoaster once and for all, and actually feel confident in your mind and body so you can ENJOY your life...without restriction.

It's 100% possible.

this simple system works

creating confidence, clarity, control and consistency

with nutrition

Does any of this sound familiar?

You feel stuck.

You can't seem to break out of the cycle and be consistent with healthy eating. You start the day doing really well, but find yourself snacking and "blowing it" in the evening. You vow to be perfect the next day, but it never happens.

You are confused.

You don't even know what you "should" eat or do if you aren't on a diet. You feel lost and are always looking for the next plan to try to simplify nutrition and help make eating easier for you. You want a plan that actually works for you and allows you to enjoy life.

You are exhausted from this constant internal struggle.

You have your life together but can't seem to get this figured out. Your inner critic is loud, and you find yourself not able to feel the joy you want to from the life you have worked hard to create.

You are tired of feeling so stressed and ashamed.

You think you need more willpower and discipline but pushing harder just isn't working. You are craving a better way.

The days you feel good in your body and with your nutrition are far fewer than when you are beating yourself up.

You want to get off this rollercoaster and feel good every day!

You keep asking yourself "what is wrong with me? Why is this so hard?

You want to simplify nutrition and actually do something that works for your life and personality.

You’re unhappy in your body.

  • You start every day with the determination to eat better but usually fail.

  • You feel unsatisfied or stuffed and not often in between.

  • You feel guilty about what you eat and don't more often than not.

  • Food is a huge source of anxiety and frustration in your day.


This was my confusion, my struggle, and my reality for way too long, until I got on my Kijia, my path to ease and freedom with nutrition.



It's time for you to feel freedom with food and confidence in your body.









TO MAKE YOUR LIFE EASIER so you feel on top of things each day

  • TO BE A HAPPY, CONFIDENT, ENERGIZED MOM (AT ANY AGE) who has more mental space and clarity to focus on the things in your life that are most important to you.

  • TO BE IN CONTROL instead of feeling like food, your body, and everyone around you are in control of you. You want to respond instead of reacting so much

  • TO FEEL CALM AND GROUNDED AND FREE to be more of yourself and love it

  • TO STOP FEELING GUILTY every day for things you think you should and shouldn't do, eat, say, and think

  • TO FEEL LESS STRESSED with food and with life. You are juggling so much and you want life to feel easier so you can enjoy it more!

  • TO STOP RESTARTING and actually do what works for you

If you are stuck in a negative cycle with food and your body, there is NOTHING wrong with you.

Your brain is running an old pattern connected to habits that don't work for you.

We can change that!


Hi, I'm Ali!

I'm a mom to three beautiful girls, a wife, and a life coach! Six years ago, I felt like I had it all together on the outside, but on the inside, I was constantly struggling with feeling good in my body.

At the time, I was juggling three children all under 6 years old, and trying to run a fitness department for a local club. I was exhausted and defeated! I was constantly feeling like I wasn't "enough" in both my body and mind; my inner critic was slowly wearing me down and my constant secret struggle with food was wearing me down.

I was trapped in the cycles of dieting that left me even more drained and frustrated.

I thought there was something wrong with me until I realized I needed to break old patterns in my mind that were keeping me stuck. I needed to rewrite my habits, connect to myself, simplify my life, and create routines that worked for me and my family.

So I stopped looking at diets and invested in myself and healing my relationship with my body and food. This led me down a path of total transformation!

I've broken free from horrible eating habits, and the nasty grip of the dieting culture. I have rebuilt my relationship with myself and my body and become more confident in who I really am, and found REAL peace within myself. I have been able to experience more connection, more love, more joy, and fulfillment than ever before.

But it didn’t happen all at once…I had to jump around from program to program, investing thousands of dollars in mentors, coaches, programs to get all the different pieces of the puzzle.

There was no ONE place that had it all laid out. AND NONE WERE REALLY BUILT FOR MOMS who are taking care of everyone else!

So I decided to take ALL my learning, mastery, and training to put it in one place MADE FOR WOMEN just like me who can get all the help, support and empowerment they need at a FRACTION of the cost.

Kijia is here to support women in getting back to themselves, feeling freedom with food and ease, and joy in their life.


The KIJIA Program

The Kijia Program is your path to sustainable weight loss, food freedom, and feeling lighter, less stressed, and more confident.

In this program, we completely rewrite your story of success and freedom with food.

We get you the results, mental space, and ease with nutrition through building habits that work for you and your life.

We make life easier by focusing on what matters most and simplifying it. .

You'll download the Kijia app which will change your life through daily content, accountability, and simple action steps that fit your life. You will have access to weekly group coaching calls and unlimited online support as you create these positive changes. You will be supported by our online community of amazing growth-oriented moms building the same habits. You will receive weekly meal planning resources, recipes, shopping list…all done for you!

Think of this as having your personal cheerleader, best friend, therapist, fitness coach, personal trainer, mom, meal planner, mindset, and self-love mentor - all in your pocket, at the touch of a button.

Nutrition is not just about food, it's about you and your life!

The Kijia Program

Habits for Making Healthy Living Easier


In this module we focus on rebuilding the connection we have with ourselves and remembering that nothing is wrong with us. We focus on the habits of awareness, intention, gratitude and connection to rewire our brain. We remember what is most natural to us and we focus on what feels good, what works, and who we naturally are. This is the cornerstone of Kijia.


In this module, we simplify nutrition by starting with the foundations and making them EASY and automatic. We build habits to make nutrition happen in your busy life so you can get dinner on the table for your family without guilt or stress. We build habits, debunk old stories and myths around nutrition that don't serve us and we learn to trust ourselves with food again.

Lifestyle Habits

In this module, we focus on building the habits that make life easier. These are the habits that allow you to do the things you want to do with more success and consistency. These include:

Sleep. Your Environment. Movement.

Stress Management, Mindfulness

Taking care of yourself becomes so much easier when you have the routines and habits in place in your busy life.

Emotions + Mood

In this module, you will learn and become a master of your emotions. You will build habits to process emotions and move through them so you have the power to change your mood, your vibe, and your relationship with food. This allows you to feel lighter and more positive without squishing your feelings down. We focus on how to handle negative emotions without squashing them down and we stop running or eating our feelings away.

Energy + Vibe

This module is all about your vibe. Your vibe is the energy you put out in the world and the energy you feel. In this section, we focus on habits that allow you to protect your energy, release things that lower your vibe, and add habits that raise your vibe. When you are able to be in control and connected to your energy and vibe, you have access to a new level of freedom and positive energy. This is so healing for your relationship with food and your body.


This module is about continuing on your Kijia and staying committed to yourself in your busy life. We focus on strategies for how to handle obstacles that come up, how to stay motivated, how to integrate all habits into your life. This section includes monthly challenges, motivation, and ways to continuously stay committed to yourself, your body, and your freedom so you can be the best version of you.

Here's a sneak peek of what else is included...

Nutrition & Movement that you enjoy

HABITS & ROUTINES to make life easier

MINDSET & SELF-LOVE strategies

RELATIONSHIP to yourself + others

  • Daily accountability to stay committed to yourself and your results through the Kijia App

  • Life-changing strategies to help you build habits to get make life easier delivered daily to your phone in less than 10 minutes.

  • Weekly meal planning recipes and shopping lists are sent straight to your inbox to make being a mom that much easier!

  • Access to hundreds of resources that will make life easier, and make habit-building simple! Including weekly and monthly planners, tons of extra recipes, journal exercises, meditations, habit tracking sheets, nutrition tracking sheets, workout plans and so much more.
  • Access to weekly group coaching calls (on zoom) This is the most life-changing part. Gaining insight, perspective, and an action plan to move you forward!

  • Access to monthly guest expert training sessions done inside the Kijia community to support you on your journey.

  • Access to the Kijia private online community where you can connect with all over the other amazing women balancing life, feeling good in their bodies, and all things!

  • Access to the Kijia personal app where you can get daily accountability on tracking your life-changing habits.

  • Access 24/7 for questions and support throughout the week through the Kijia app

"Before I started this program, I know what I was supposed to do when it came to eating right and exercising. It was just too easy for me to make excuses - time, energy, convenience...I didn't have any habits to make it easier. I seemed to be struggling in a few areas all related to food and my body.

After joining Kijia, I now feel in control, which is so important to me.

I feel like I am setting a good example for my kids. I'm not feeling deprived, yet I'm making choices that are good for me. I've been able to spend more quality time with my family and be more present! We've hiked, played, swam, and giggled more lately than we have in a long time. Today, I can say that I'm prepared for tomorrow and I am so much more the person I want to be."

- Laura -

Just imagine a future where...

Nutrition is easy and you feel confident and comfortable in your body. You aren't overthinking everything you eat or judging yourself about what you did or didn't eat. You'll have mental space to be present, to relax, to enjoy the life you have worked hard for.

Imagine waking up each morning with gratitude for your body and knowing you can make choices that serve you without stress.

You put on your clothes and smile at yourself in the mirror with calm confidence. You'll no longer have spirals of guilt over food or time. You'll know what works for you and what doesn’t – you'll get off the rollercoaster of binges and dieting and you actually be consistent with what you want to do.

You'll feel EMPOWERED, GROUNDED, and CENTERED and no longer have the feeling of life being out of your control. You'll let go of what no longer serves you, the things that have been holding you back, and the negative voice in your head – you feel free!

How do I know if

The Kijia Program is right for me?

The Kijia Program is RIGHT for you if...

  • You want a plan and program that takes YOU and your family into account makes life easier and is sustainable - not restrictive and short term.
  • You want to make nutrition, food, and life easier, ask questions, celebrate yourself, and have the help you need at anytime by women who don’t judge you, love you and see you!
  • You want to save your valuable time, money, energy and are ready for a better way.
  • You are ready to feel better in your body and mind. You want more clarity, more mental space, and an action plan that works for the long term!

The Kijia Program is NOT right for you if...

  • You want to keep spending your time, energy, and money trying diet after diet. You want to keep going on these crazy cycles and ups and downs.
  • You don’t want to change anything in your life and prefer to just do it all on your own, even if it’s hard, lonely, and exhausting.
  • You don’t care to make life easier for yourself and your family. You want to just figure it out with trial and error.
  • You don’t want access to an incredible library of resources, proven strategies, amazing coaching, and accountability that will get you the results.

The Kijia Program was created to help women feel their best because it is our love and energy that take care of the world.

If we take care of ourselves, the world is a better place.

No matter how old your kids are, as a mom, you are a constant support to them and that requires you to feel good yourself.

We need our

"Before Kijia, I was struggling with my weight, and sticking to a weight loss program. I was tired all the time and felt like my life was running me rather than me running my life. I had tried so many things but nothing lasted longer than a few weeks. With Kijia, I love the accountability! Even though I could do things by myself now, I talk to you, and realise I am so much better off with an accountability partner!! And I love how positive you are, and gently encouraging me at each step- and meeting me where I am. The 'whole-person makeover' is what sets this program apart. Affirmation. Self love. Podcasts. Clearing out your physical spaces (and emotional ones). New habits that are crowding out the old ones!

- Mara -

Ready to get on your Kijia?

The best gift you can give yourself and your family is the gift of your best self.

This is the version of you that is most present, most able to enjoy the life you have created.

This is the version of you that is free from the dieting rules and obsession with your body image.

This is the version of you that is on top of things and in control.

This is the version of you that is connected and grounded in positive energy.

"Before I started this program, I was working out about three times per week but was not looking at how I ate. I was having get-togethers with friends and we were eating spreads of unhealthy snacks all the time. I felt so frustrated as I wasn't seeing any results, despite my efforts at the gym. Having completed the Kijia program, I am most proud of the weight that I have lost and the way I am fitting back in my clothes. I am back down to where I was when I got married nine years ago - and it feels GREAT! I am making better food choices and it is so much more rewarding and satisfying. I am running a half marathon this fall and I am also signed up for a fun triathlon in the summer to try a new challenge. I would not have felt ready for these challenges if it weren't for Kijia. Thanks so much, Ali!!"

- Katie -

Here’s what more past Kijia grads have to say...

Frequently asked questions...

How is this program different from others?

This program is about YOU getting results in a way that works for you – it’s not about the plan/diet/program. Yes, there is a plan (an amazing one) but it all comes down to you taking action that feels good and fits your life to move your forward! It’s focused on you and your life, your personality, your situation, and the results and shifts you want to see in your mind, body and life.

There is no way to fail. This program is about making life easier, getting better at things you want to do and feeling good doing it. This is a life-coaching program that will solve your problem with food as you gain so much in the process.

How much time will this take? Will I have time?

The lessons in the program take about 5-10 minutes to listen to each day and really help set your intentions for the day and get your mind in the place for success. They can be listened to when you are in the car, getting ready in the morning or on a walk – all through the Kijia app – or you can read them if you prefer! The group coaching calls are an hour a week – all on Zoom! The habits and actions vary based on what works in your life!

You absolutely have time to do this program because it will actually save you SO MUCH TIME. You will save time because you will no longer be chasing your tail or doing the same things over and over and hoping for a different result. You will save time because you will be able to stop starting over, and you will know what to put your time and attention into!

What if I can’t make a group call?

No worries! The group calls are available to watch on replay! You can also always reach out for coaching in between calls in our community group!

Are their payment plans?

Yes absolutely! You can choose the payment plan on the checkout page. And remember - this is a lifelong investment!

How do I know this is going to work for me?

There is no way to fail Kijia. You are given so many tools, strategies and practices to create the change you are looking for. Whether you like the daily accountability, the weekly calls, the supportive community, the daily lessons or the Voxer support – you can be sure that you will move forward on your Kijia.

Is there coaching involved?

Yes for sure! Coaching is my FAVORITE. It’s a chance to connect to you and that is what I love most! There is coaching in a group format (think amazing authentic conversations that address things you think you are the only one who is going through – it’s not scary – I promise) as well as an option to do 1-1 coaching weekly if that is better for your needs!

What if I'm afraid to invest?

Investing in yourself can feel scary at first – but I promise it is what provides the biggest rewards. When you invest in yourself, you step up and lead yourself in a whole new way. You show for yourself and that creates a positive ripple effect. If you are not willing to invest in yourself, it will be hard to create the positive change you are looking for.

I'm still not sure if this is right for me, can I have a call with you?

Yes for sure – click here to book a call to see if this is a good fit for you!

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